hi I'm Jim Montgomery and I've spent years in frontend development, system administration and a mix of design roles at large and small companies. My education in visual communications and science led to designing typefaces, posters, chemistry research, synthesizing aspirin. I've used common technology to create and integrate multivariate testing in a platform to grow an audience by powers of 10 over several months, lead a frontend + Nodejs MVP with a small team resulting in offers to be acquired and 10M series A, made a small chocolatier website (Fran's) and sections on MSNBC seen by millions and winning awards, created a platform for antibody analysis saving routine clinical work time and risk. I love to tinker with new exciting technologies, most recently native Web Components, LitElement, Deno, PWA, ML and Flutter, each for nimble, low-cost flexible long-term solutions. I love photography, people and helping others communicate and empower their daily lives. I've been told I have special abilities in intuiting and delivering value to the team and business as well as listening.

I enjoy focused, collaborative teams with direct open communication and creative problem solving. If this resonates please reach out.

✉️ www+contact@jimmont.com
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